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Core Rulebook

Welcome to Cards & Quests! This new game is designed for players who enjoy fantasy RPGs but do not like to get bogged down in character creation. The goal of the authors was to find an easier and less time-consuming way to play RPGs while keeping all the qualities that make such games so entertaining and memorable.

Cards & Quests features several unique concepts. Conflict is resolved using a standard deck of 52 cards in a system that is intuitive, fun, and simple to use. Magic and skills are based on eight elements that replace the idea of a profession or class. Battles are quick, skill and magic resolution follow the same basic rules, and using the cards presents an enjoyable combination of chance and strategy.

Cards & Quests also allows players some control over their ability to succeed and lets characters have access to the greatest amount of skills and spells while keeping the game balanced. Both low-level and high-level characters are exciting to play in this RPG.

For Game Masters, the easy and intuitive rules make for simple adventure creation and allows them to draw upon their story-telling abilities while running a balanced game that all their players will enjoy!

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Bestiary 1: Monsters of Kos

This sourcebook for the innovative new Cards & Quests role-playing game presents
more than 50 monsters to challenge the physical, mental, and spiritual mettle of
adventurers at all levels. This fully-illustrated, 42-page manual also includes
detailed guidelines on running encounters between characters and creatures in the
Cards & Quests tabletop game system.

All of the monsters presented here are associated with the system-free Swords of
Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting and can be easily incorporated both into games that
use it or other settings altogether. They are inspired by the myths and legends of the
Classical world and include everything from familiar creatures like the Centaur,
Harpy, and Medusa to more exotic ones like the Empusa, Hippalectryon, and


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