"Quactica" Cardstock Characters Sample Pack

"Quactica" Cardstock Characters Sample Pack


Cry havoc and let slip the Hogs of War!

This free set of 30mm downloadable miniatures has been designed to support the Quactica: Battles for the Soul of Middle Aesopia miniatures rules from Skirmisher Publishing and let people start playing them immediately. They can also be used with other miniatures and role-playing games.

This set includes nine full-color miniatures that can be printed out either in color or black-and-white on cardstock; Quactica statistics for four different skill levels ofLoonar Imperial Heavy Infantry and Loonar Imperial Archers on the one side and Pork Warriors, Gobbling Warriors, and Gobbling Archers on the other; and full instructions for assembling them.

Quactica is part of a thematic series of works on miniatures wargaming published by Skirmisher that includes the H.G. Wells books Little Wars and Floor Games and the company’s spinoff Little Orc Wars rules, the Robert Louis Stevenson Book Stevenson at Play, the Chevauchee Medieval miniatures rules, and the Skirmish! miniatures rules. Have fun! 

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