Into the Mines of Moira: An Adventure for 5th Edition

Into the Mines of Moira: An Adventure for 5th Edition

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Something has invaded Moira's, a popular Dwarven restaurant established in an old mine in the hills outside of the city where your party is currently adventuring! Now, it falls to you to learn what ancient evil has crawled up from the depths, to drive it out if possible, and to rescue an ill-fated squad of Dwarf militiamen if they are still alive. 

"Into the Mines of Moira" contains: 

* A complete small dungeon with nine encounter areas. 

* 15 sets of new or variant monster stats. 

*Custom illustrations by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl. 

* A dungeon map by cartographer William T. Thrasher. 

* Five detailed pre-generated 5th-level Player Characters — Dwarf Fighter Trodecarn, Human Rogue Paros, Half-Elf Cleric Selene, Tiefling Wizard Malyo, and Human Bard Desdinova — each fully stat'ed and equipped and with new and unique Personality Traits, Ideals, Flaws, and Bonds. 

* Guidelines on “Making a Bomb.” 

* Three new spells.

* Two new magic items.

* Three sorts of “Improved Alchemical Substances.”

This adventure is designed for a balanced party of five 5th-level adventurers, one of which is ideally a Dwarf, but should work fine as-is for groups that are lower-level but larger or higher-level but smaller, and can be easily modified to accommodate other needs. It has specifically been designed to be fully compatible with Skirmisher Publishing’s Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting, and to reveal more information about and facilitate further play within it, but it can be just as easily dropped into any traditional milieu. 

"Into the Mines of Moira" is fully supported at d-Infinity Online game magazine! Check out the dedicated page there to find tie-in fiction, printable miniatures, new and alternate stats, and more. 

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