Aigyptos: A Gazetteer for 5th Edition

Aigyptos: A Gazetteer for 5th Edition

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Welcome to Aigyptos!

This 5th Edition sourcebook can be used in a number of ways. One is to provide a backdrop for self-standing Egyptian-style adventures that do not already have a setting associated with them. Another is to provide a mini-setting sufficient to allow characters to visit or travel through a land reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Yet another is to introduce such a country with an eye to using it for ongoing adventures. 

This detailed 5th Edition book includes:

* An overview of a fantasy version of ancient Egypt; 

* A set of custom encounter tables for Aigyptos; 

* 5th Edition game system material that includes stats for all new men, monsters, and environmental hazards that appear on the encounter tables; 

* Supplemental 5th Edition content, to include the Aigyptian background; and, 

* Brief descriptions of the adjacent lands of Nubia and Æthiopia. 

Aigyptos: A Gazetteer for 5th Edition is also fully compatible with Skirmisher Publishing’s bestselling Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting and can either be used in conjunction with and as a supplement to it or completely on its own. This swords-and-sorcery milieu is set in a Dark Ages fantasy version of the Mediterranean and the lands surrounding it a century after a Great Cataclysm destroyed the old world, plunged it into chaos, and reawakened magic and all form of ancient races and monsters. Now, the agents of Gods and Titans struggle against each other on behalf of their masters, nations strive to survive or dominate one another, and adventurers descend into the ruins in search of wealth and lost technology. This setting has deliberately been designed to be system free and compatible with any set of role-playing game rules suitable for ancient, medieval, or fantasy venues. 

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