Compost Heap

Compost Heap

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Composting is the practice of collecting organic refuse — such as fruit and vegetable scraps — into heaps where it can rot and, once decayed, be used for such things as fertilizer, potting soil, and the like. “Compost Heap” is a quick-play card game designed for use by two to four players that simulates this worthwhile activity. It is intended to be fun, mildly humorous, and moderately educational. 

There are three sorts of cards in Compost Heap — Good Stuff, Bad Stuff, and Incidents — and a total of 50 cards. These cards have been set up so that they can easily be printed out or copied onto cardstock or blanks for homemade business cards. And, while it is perfectly acceptable to use the cards with plain backs, there is also a page of reverse sides that can be printed or copied onto them. 

A version of this game originally appeared in the multi-platform game publication d-Infinity Volume #2: Lost Treasure

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