War Deck and Ragnarok: Age of Wolves Paperback Available

Skirmisher is happy to announce that both the reference War Deck and Ragnarok: Age of Wolves itself are available in print via Drive Thru RPG. If you haven't picked up this excellent game there really has never been a better time.

The War Deck contains a total of 85 cards that put the stats and rules for your army of the end times right at your fingertips. The War Deck improves the play experience so much that it designer Clint Staples' most preferred way to play.

The soft-back print version of the game comes out to 83 beautiful full-color pages and makes a worthy addition to any gamer's bookshelf.

Get your own here:
Ragnarok: Age of Wolves
War Deck

ragnarok amazon cover.jpg
Brendan Cass