H.G. Wells' Little Orc Wars


Shoot Catapults

Use rubber band powered catapults to rain destruction down on your opponent's miniatures! At the core of the Little Orc Wars game is the catapult, they're exciting, they're random, and they're always fun.


Use All Your Miniatures

What do hand-painted pewter miniatures and plastic army men have in common? Little Orc Wars! Players can use any miniatures they have, Little Orc Wars is designed to use figures of all shapes and sizes. Bring out those old dinosaur toys, and action figures, it's time to see who would win in a fight.



Intuitive and Fun

Little Orc Wars is designed to get players right into the game! With basic rules than can be learned in less than 10 minutes, Little Orc Wars sticks to what makes the game enjoyable and leaves out overly complicated rules. Once players get the hang of the game, advanced optional rules give them the chance to play with wizards, giants, elementals and more! Advanced rules are balanced against the basic rules and keep every game exciting and fresh.