'The Magician's Daughter' Released by Skirmisher!

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce the release of “The Magician’s Daughter” at DriveThruRPGRPGNow, and DriveThruFiction for just 99¢!  

This lighthearted and humorous fantasy short story describes what happens when a young woman takes over her deceased father’s business as a consulting magician and how she deals with troublesome clients, unreliable retainers, and devious rivals. It is very similar in tone to the Arabian Nights, which was very popular during the era when it was written, and includes appearances by numerous nonhuman creatures, including giants, gnomes, hippogriffs, ghosts, and hobgoblins.

 “The Magician’s Daughter” was written by prolific and popular American author Frank R. Stockton and illustrated by artist E.B. Bensell and was originally published in 1880. 

Michael Varhola